Scare Your Friends Bloody Footprint Bathroom Mat

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When you splash water on it, it looks just like real blood, super creepy.

It dries relatively quick and goes back to its original color.

This bloody bath mat sheet helps the wet footprints (color) changing into blood red stains. The rug lays flat with no edges up.

Can use it as a plastic color changing mat for footprints, it is thin and anti-slip.

The "blood" will disappear after the bathroom rug dried.

Hang to dry and watch the blood red colored stains disappear and fade back to white.

You can use it repeatly.

Goes perfect with your kangaroo bloody bath shower curtains & blood bath towel. Best halloween bath mat decor for horror fan.

A Fool April gift to give your boyfriend or girlfriend the shock of their life with this unique bathroom prank as they leave a trail of blood stains out of the shower.

Size:16.5 x 27.5 in (42x70 cm)

Tiny size to use next to small standing showers. Package included: 1 Pc Bloody Bath Mat